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External Vision Statement

Effectively Providing Valuable Services

It is the City of Hazelwood’s external vision that we provide valuable services for those who live, work and visit our community, and that we, our residents and businesses, work together as a strong unit.

The City’s services and actions will:

  • Be performed as quickly as possible without compromising the City’s commitment to providing a high quality of service.
  • Be innovative and proactive to creatively meet and anticipate the City’s needs in the most effective way possible.
  • Be performed in a manner that represents the City’s care for and value of the many diverse individuals who compose our community.
  • Be communicated to those in our City so that they may be educated, aware and have an understanding of what our City does and how it works.
  • Not detract from the safe, healthy and enjoyable City we strive to build and enhance.

Internal Vision Statement

Working Together & Growing Together

It is the City of Hazelwood’s vision that it provide its employees a united and cooperative atmosphere conducive to each individual’s growth and needs.

To achieve this we must:

  • Communicate and cooperate vertically and horizontally to develop an atmosphere conducive to involving ourselves in the City’s activities. This includes being approachable, being open to change, and recognizing and utilizing each individuals diverse talents.
  • Provide ourselves with the knowledge, resources and time to do our jobs well while fostering an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and support where proper recognition is given when deserved.
  • Provide an atmosphere for job satisfaction, security, excellent benefits, job enrichment and personal growth in which we keep current in our professions.
  • Develop and maintain a pleasant City environment workplace.
  • Take pride in our work and believe that our work is important so that we may develop and maintain our self-esteem.
  • Maintain a consistency in our standards.
  • Strive to safely provide efficient, effective and professional service.