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Real Estate Property Tax

Tax TypeResidentialAgriculturalCommercial
Debt Service$0.222 per 100$0.222 per 100$0.222 per 100
Real Estate$0.767 per 100$0.570 per 100$0.770 per 100
Total$0.989 per 100$0.796 per 100$0.992 per 100
Assessed Value19%12%32%

Personal Property Tax

Tax TypeResidentialCommercial
Debt Service$0.222 per 100$0.222 per 100
Personal Property$0.754 per 100$0.754 per 100
Total$0.976 per 100$0.976 per 100
Assessed Value33.3%33.3%

For St. Louis County Tax Rates, visit the County’s website.

Sales Tax

1/4 Cent Fire Sales Tax0.250%
1/4 Cent Local Sales Tax0.250%
911 Communications0.100%
Arch, Parks, and Trails0.188%
City Capital Improvements0.500%
City Economic Development0.500%
City Parks and Stormwater0.500%
County Children's Services0.250%
County Metro Transportation0.250%
County Transportation0.500%
Local City/County10%
Parks and Trails District0.100%
Public Safety0.500%
  • Hotel Tax: 5%
  • Sales Tax Rate at St. Louis Outlet Mall: 10.613%
  • Sewer Lateral (residential): $20
  • Transportation Development District (TDD) (St. Louis Outlet Mall and Elm Grove): 10%
  • Use Tax: 6.225%
  • Utility Tax: 6% (commercial/industrial only)

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