STARS Program

Special needs Tracking & Awareness Response System

The Hazelwood Fire Department is a proud participant of the STARS program to the area it serves and protects. The Special needs Tracking & Awareness Response System has been specifically developed for special needs patients through the age of 21, their families, and your first responders. Through the STARS program, our youngest and most vulnerable residents will be receiving the greatest care possible.

Once entered into the system as a STAR, the child will be given an identification number and have a detailed form created that lists the patient’s medical history, current medications, allergies, baseline vital signs, and recommended treatments. The STARS program utilizes a database that is accessible by many departments throughout the St. Louis area. Your STARS's information can be accessed even while away from home through this database by first responders. In the event of an emergency, the patient’s caregiver would provide the 911 dispatcher with the patient’s unique number which will then be relayed to first responders upon dispatch. Having this information immediately available will provide the first responders with invaluable time to review the patient’s medical conditions and to begin to formulate a specific care plan before they even arrive on scene.

For more information about becoming a STAR please contact the Hazelwood Fire Department at 314-731-3424 or Picture