Commercial Fire Prevention

Maintaining fire safety in your commercial building is essential to protect your employees and your customers. Proper fire safety also provides a level of protection for your equipment, tools, merchandise and raw materials, records and the building itself. 

The Hazelwood Fire Department has an extensive fire prevention program lead by the Deputy Fire Marshal.  The Deputy Fire Marshal is responsible for plan review and inspections for life safety and any fire protection related items. 

Inspections help ensure that community members are safe when they are outside their home at places such as restaurants, schools and shopping centers.

Inspections on commercial property are typically made on annual basis. During these inspections the Deputy Fire Marshal is looking for dangers such as expired fire extinguishers, improperly stored hazardous materials or faulty wiring. If something is found wrong that is an immediate danger such as a lack of water access or a blocked exit the problem must be remedied immediately. If it is a property maintenance problem such as an expired extinguisher the occupant has two weeks to fix the issue.

If you have any questions about the inspection process, please call the Deputy Fire Marshal Steve Welsh at 314-513-5153 or email at