Municipal Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

The Municipal Prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting all City ordinance violations.

Requests for Recommendation

Requests for recommendations and discovery should be made directly to the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office. Submission of requests to the Municipal Court do not suffice for service of such documents on the Prosecuting Attorney.

Please submit a self-addressed stamped envelope for any request for recommendation or a copy of a police report. If requesting a video, an attorney must submit a blank, unmarked DVD and a self-addressed, stamped mailing envelope that is appropriate for mailing DVDs.


Counsel will receive a written recommendation and any accompanying documents by mail. Counsel may submit via regular mail, fax or email, a request for a revised recommendation along with pertinent information that should be considered such as proof of reinstatement or proof of insurance. If your client’s case involves a motor vehicle accident, a copy of the defendant’s insurance card is not sufficient. Counsel must provide proof of restitution or a letter from the defendant’s insurer verifying acceptance of liability and settlement of claims with the other drivers or owners of property.

A copy of any motion or pleading filed by defense counsel should be sent to the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office and may be served by regular mail, fax or email.

Attorney Call

Attorney call is held approximately one-half hour before each Municipal Court docket with the exception of the monthly trial docket. There is no attorney call on the evening of the monthly trial docket.


It is defense counsel’s responsibility to ensure that the Entry of Appearance, any request for continuance, motions, requests pertaining to warrants, and similar pleadings are filed directly to the Municipal Court.