Hazelwood Animal Ordinances

View the City’s Code for Animals and Fowl here.

The Importance of Animal Identification on your Pets

The City of Hazelwood offers Annual Hazelwood Pet Licenses, valid from June 1 through May 31 of the next year. These are offered at no cost by the Hazelwood Finance Office. These should be updated by animal owners annually by bringing in a valid veterinary rabies certificate. 

The Hazelwood Animal Control Officer is responsible for issuing “Dangerous Animal” Tags. These are breed specific. More information can be found in the "Registering Your Breed Specific Canine" tab below.

Both these tags are important on your animals so they can be returned to home in a timely fashion as well as verifying the rabies information is current if they should ever be involved in a bite case.

Microchips are also strongly encouraged. All animals that are located by animal control are scanned for these and we would rather return the animal to the owner rather than crowd the shelter.

  1. General Ordinance Knowledge
  2. Animal Nuisances
  3. Registering Your Breed Specific Canine
  • Animal Abandonment - Owners that knowingly abandon an animal will face charges. If care cannot be provided, please call Animal Control to relinquish the animal with no consequences.
  • Animal Neglect - Animals must have proper food, water, and shelter.
  • Animals in Parks - Animals must be on a leash under full control of the owner at all times.
  • Limitations - Only two (2) dogs and one (1) cat OR  two (2) cats and one (1) dog are allowed on any individual property.
  • Vicious Animals can be humanely euthanized by a Police Officer if they are causing a threat to the general public.
  • Chickens/Fowls are allowed within City Limits WITH a permit only. Permits are required via the Code Office for a $25 fee and expire in three (3) years. They are allowed as long as they do not create a nuisance (no roosters or crowing hens), stay confined on property, are properly cared for by owners, and are for personal consumption only. No commercial operations are allowed. A maximum of three (3) hens and no roosters are allowed per property. This applies to residential districts only, not agricultural zones. 
  • Non-Domestic Animals are allowed under City Manager Permit only. All animals requiring review EXCLUDE traditional household pets including dogs, cats, caged birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, other similar small captivity animals, and aquarium animals.
  • What happens if your animal is captured? The animal will be scanned and checked for owner information. If none is located, the animal will go to the St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Facility (located at 10521 Baur Blvd in Olivette) for proper care and housing until it can be returned to the owner.